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If you are here, it is because you or a loved one has recently received a traffic ticket in New Jersey.  Welcome to our site.  We hope to inform you as much as possible without confusing you or aggressively selling our services to you.

Well, let us get right to it: Right now getting a ticket may seem like a small to-do, especially if your traffic ticket was for something minor like speeding, failing to yield to a pedestrian or running a stop sign. It is so tempting to just pay the fine. However, a guilty plea or conviction can cost you dramatically in the future.

The points you accumulate on your record can linger for years, making your insurance rates increase and potentially costing you thousands of dollars. A few minor violations can add up to a major problem when your license is suspended or your insurance policy is canceled.

You see, if you are found guilty of a moving violation in New Jersey, the Motor Vehicle Commission will assess points to your driving record. The more serious the violation, the more points are assessed. If you accumulate six or more points on your New Jersey driving record within three years, you will be subject to a surcharge of $150, plus $25 for each point beyond six. This is in addition to any fines for the underlying violations that gave you the points.

On top of it all, a judge can suspend your license for an especially egregious traffic offense. And, having 12 or more points on your driving record at any time will result in your license being suspended by the Motor Vehicle Commission.

Here is a list of most moving violations and the points assessed if you are found guilty of same.

So why are points so important (other than the fact that your license can be suspended?) Because New Jersey-licensed automobile insurance providers have a similar but separate system of “insurance eligibility points.” The insurance points for most moving violations are the same as the MVC points, but for some more serious violations, the insurance points are higher. Insurance points received within the last three years are used to determine the premium that a person must pay for liability coverage, and if you accumulate too many points, you may not be able to purchase insurance on the voluntary market, in which case you will need to obtain coverage through the New Jersey Personal Automobile Insurance Plan (NJAIP) at greater expense.

The bottom line is that you need to defend your traffic ticket, and you need an Affordable NJ Traffic Ticket Lawyer who can help you fight ot resolve your traffic ticket in a manner that will keep your money AND your license in your pocket. Vik Advani has almost 15 years of experience in dealing with traffic tickets. Call Vik Advani, your Affordable Traffic Ticket Lawyer at 732.659.0544 and schedule your free consultation.

Vik Advani, your Affordable Traffic Ticket Lawyer, serves all municipal courts in central New Jersey, including: Edison Municipal Court, Elizabeth Municipal Court, Newark Municipal Court, New Brunswick Municipal Court, East Brunswick Municipal Court, North Brunswick Municipal Court, South Brunswick Municipal Court, Union Municipal Court, Woodbridge Municipal Court, Linden Municipal Court, Roselle Municipal Court, Roselle Park Municipal Court, South Plainfield Municipal Court, Dunellen Municipal Court, Middlesex Municipal Court, Milltown Municipal Court, Piscataway Municipal Court, Plainfield Municipal Court, Metuchen Municipal Court, Perth Amboy Municipal Court, South Amboy Municipal Court, South River Municipal Court, Old Bridge Municipal Court, Hillside Municipal Court, Somerset Municipal Court, Sayreville Municipal Court, Cranford Municipal Court, Kenilworth Municipal Court, and Clark Municipal Court.

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